5 Efficient Ideas to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Beyond the bounds of compelling content, superb branding and great design, the lifeline of a blog is determinant to the amount of traffic it gets. You've got a great blog, it's time to show the world what you could offer and attract like-minded people with whom you share the same interests and passions with.
Here are 5 surefire ways to help you reach your target audience and increase your blog traffic. 

Increase traffic to blog

1. Offer Valuable Content
People are presented with heavy doses of information lurking around the internet these days. The question is, what makes your site stand out? This is where great content comes in. It is crucial to write something that would benefit your readers. The phrase 'content is king' wouldn't be so popular for no reason. The more deliberate you are with your writing, the more your blog is likely to be linked by other bloggers or sites, which makes for your blog's higher Google ranking and better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also helps to increase your blog traffic.

2. Boost Your Social Media Presence
Writing valuable content is useless when no one reads them. The social media is a very powerful platform to promote your blog and engage your readers and followers. You can make use of apps like Buffer and Hootsuite to help you schedule your posts on various social media sites. A key factor in publicizing your blog to its directed market is to look for your target audience, engage them, and build your community.

3. Develop a Lead Magnet
Ever noticed the pop-ups staring right in front of you when you click on a certain blog or site, offering some deals you couldn't resist in exchange for your email? That's called a lead magnet. Lead magnets aim to boost the number of targeted leads traded for a certain offer. Employing the use of a lead magnet for your blog is way to persuade readers to happily sign up for newsletters and spread all the good things your blog could offer. In creating a lead magnet, make sure that it is irresistible and significant for your readers, not just some kind of a random, mediocre freebie.

4. Diversify Your Content
Different people look for different versions of content. Don't limit yourself to just one. Explore and create varied types of content. Expand your reach by creating guest posts on well-known sites, establishing a consistent series of podcasts, hosting webinars and videos, building connections with your audience and making them feel that they make up a fraction of a community.

5. Create a Community
Grant your audiences the feeling that they are a part of a community rather than being just a reader in isolation. Engage them by listening and adhering to some of their questions and concerns, responding to their comments and building a connection that could lead to creating a community of like-minded people.
Building an outstanding blog has its fair share of successes and downfalls, but with the right strategies, and the connections you build with the masters in your niche and the people who look up to you, it is no surprise that your blog will get ahead of the game in no time.

Author Bio:

Martin Brown is the Marketing Executive of Top SEO Rankers based in New York. Top SEO Rankers evaluates and lists the top Digital Marketing firms and also gives SEO service providers a direct channel for prospective leads to find them.
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